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I have enjoyed the travel and opportunities to lecture that I have been given over the past several years.

It has initiated great friendships, fostered wonderful professional collaboration and certainly advanced the technique for labral reconstruction. I do feel an obligation for involvement in some academic conferences, but I will be decreasing the amount that I take on in the coming years. With my surgical schedule as it is, I do not want to miss this valuable time with my family. This library has been created to continue teaching the technique for arthroscopic labral reconstruction of the hip. I have included my published papers, some talks and videos that show the stepwise technique of preparing the allograft as well as performing the arthroscopic labral reconstruction.

For Surgeons

This procedure is technically challenging but with commitment towards learning the steps, you can achieve great results in even the most challenging situations. If this is not enough, I would love to have you visit me in Denver. This can be arranged also with a cadaver lab opportunity through my relationships with Smith and Nephew, Conmed Linvatec or Zimmer Biomet. These visits can be single day visits with a cadaver lab, my labral reconstruction course in Denver or even mini 1 week fellowships that include a day in my clinic. If you cannot travel to Denver, it is also possible for you to virtually come to my OR with live surgery broadcasts.

Published Studies

Severe Pincer Study:

Do you have a very deep Cup or Acetabulum? This study focuses on my technique for Severe Pincer Type FAI with significant reduction of the over-coverage and Labral Reconstruction. This technique was 98% successful for this very challenging deformity.

Published Study: Severe Pincer Study

Expanding Evidence: 2022 Labral Reconstruction Review:

I was asked to write another review paper in 2022 as evidence in support of Labral Reconstruction has expanded significantly in the last 10 years.

Published Study: Expanding Evidence: 2022 Labral Reconstruction Review

Over 40 study:

Are you over 40 years old? This paper directly compares Labral Reconstruction to Labral Repair in over 300 patients. Labral Repairs failed almost 3 ½ times more than the Labral Reconstructions. This paper proves that Labral Reconstruction is the best surgery in this age group.

Published Study: Over 40 study

Bilateral Study:

This is a clean comparison study of 29 patients that I performed a Labral Repair on one side and a Labral Reconstruction on their other hip. None of the Reconstructions failed and 31% of the Labral Repairs required another surgery. This proves Labral Reconstruction in my hands is simply a better operation.

Published Study: Bilateral Study

1st Labral Reconstruction Study:

This was my first paper on Allograft Labral Reconstruction of the hip and the first to describe my “Front to Back” technique. It also validated the use of donor tissue for the graft.

Published Study: 1st Labral Reconstruction Study

Decade Review Study:

I was asked to write this review paper in 2020 to summarize my experience with allograft labral reconstruction of the hip and also to describe the technical evolution of my technique with this operation from 2010 to 2020.

Published Study: Decade Review Study

Review Paper-when to perform and how:

This is a paper that I was asked to write several years ago to summarize my experience and the literature support at that time for labral reconstruction.

Published Study: Review Paper-when to perform and how

Lig Teres and Labral Reconstruction Case:

This paper summarizes a very complex operation that I performed where both the labrum and the ligamentum teres was reconstructed.

Published Study: Lig Teres and Labral Reconstruction Case

Hip labral reconstruction:

Most debates on this issue in which I have participated have focused on labral reconstruction vs. repair or debridement. Therefore, I see this opportunity to discuss the advantages of complete labral reconstruction vs. segmental grafting as a sign of progress.

Published Study: Hip labral reconstruction

Revision Study:

This paper proved that Labral Reconstruction is the best surgery for people who have had a previous hip arthroscopy that did not work.

Published Study: Revision Study

Original Labral Reconstruction Technique Description:

This is my original description of my “Front to Back” allograft labral reconstruction technique.

Published Study: Original Labral Reconstruction Technique Description

Femur Fracture:

This looked at patients who had broken their femur and still had pain in the hip after it was fixed. It showed that sometimes the pain is not from the fracture or the hardware used to fix it, it can be from a torn labrum.

Published Study: Femur Fracture




Dr. White and his team in scrubs in the surgery room.

Dr. White Performed his 3000th Labral Reconstruction


On December 26, 2019, Dr. White performed his 3,000th arthroscopic labral reconstruction. This is an incredible milestone and highlights his dedication to hip arthroscopy and specifically labral reconstruction. This is a very powerful procedure that helps patients of all ages (14-60+). His achievement highlights his dedication to his patients and the strength of his team who share his commitment to the highest form of patient care. 3,000 is an incredible number and puts him well beyond anyone in the world with regard to his experience with this procedure. Labral reconstruction is a very complex operation and must be performed perfectly. Dr. White performs roughly 430 labral reconstructions per year. Simply put experience matters: Dr. White is the right choice for your hip.

Several runners running around a track on the cover of Colorado runner.

Dr. White’s patient featured in Colorado Runner Magazine


Melissa is one of Dr. White’s patients who underwent Labral Reconstruction. Her story and recovery from her surgery was recently featured in Colorado Runner magazine.

January 11 -13, 2018  | Avon, CO Vail Hip Symposium

Dr. White was invited again to be a faculty member at the Vail Hip Arthroscopy Symposium


Dr. White was invited again to be faculty at the Vail Hip Symposium on January 11-13, 2018. It was an honor to again be a part of such a powerful International conference. There he presented on “Allograft Labral Reconstruction of the Hip” and “How to Safely Place Anchors around the Entire Acetabulum.

OSET Orthopaedic Summit 2017 Evolving Techniques

Dr. White speaks at the OSET conference in Las Vegas


Dr. White was invited back to speak at the Orthopaedic Summit for Evolving Techniques (OSET) conference in Las Vegas on December 6-9, 2017. This international conference provided a great opportunity for him to debate Labral Reconstruction versus Labral Debridement with Dr. Thomas Byrd and also present a talk on the safe placement of Anchors around the entire acetabular rim.

General Post-Op Instructions

Rehabilitation following surgery, in many instances, is as important as the surgery itself. It requires a commitment from the patient to make it a part of their daily routine. I believe that physical therapists and athletic trainers have an integral role in guiding and assisting patients through this process. I will work with both you and your therapist to ensure that your rehabilitation is appropriate and that you are progressing and improving, as you should.

Orthopaedic rehabilitation is always tailored to the individual patient’s goals and is affected by the type of surgery that was performed and intra-operative findings.  The total duration for therapy and progression to return to full activity is always individualized.

General Post-op Instructions

“Dr. Brian White is the BEST hip surgeon around! I am incredibly happy with my results and couldn’t be more pleased. Thankful to have such a talented and amazing surgeon.”