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Dr. Brian J. White

Experience matters.

Welcome, I am glad you found me. My name is Dr. Brian White, and I have performed more labral reconstructions than anyone in the world. Many of my patients have endured previous surgeries that have not worked, and they continue to miss out on the life they enjoyed. The Labral Reconstruction is simply better. I can help you and we can get you back to all that you enjoy doing.

Labral Reconstruction

Labral Reconstruction

The Labral Reconstruction is simply a better operation than Labral Repair. With a repair, poor quality, chronically damaged tissue is sutured back to bone, but often does not completely heal and can still generate pain and limit function. With the labral reconstruction, I can arthroscopically reshape the ball and the cup so they can fit together properly. I then make a new labrum for you. This Labral Reconstruction has all of the biomechanical benefits of your native labrum, but it will not regenerate nerve fibers or feel pain as your torn labrum did. I have performed this operation since 2009 and have closely followed all of my patient's outcomes in a database. Over time, I have evolved the technique and improved the operation. I have lectured nationally and internationally on labral reconstruction, written numerous articles on this topic, and taught hundreds of Orthopaedic surgeons how to perform this operation. Simply put, experience matters. This is a very challenging operation and my results are not easily reproduced. I perform over 400 Labral Reconstructions per year and operate 4 days a week. This has made this operation reproducible and routine for me. This website is designed to help you better understand Labral Reconstruction and my approach to caring for patients. I look forward to the opportunity to get you back to all that you enjoy doing.

Dr. White and his team in scrubs in the surgery room.

Dr. White's Team

Dr. White Performed his 3000th Labral Reconstruction

On December 26, 2019, Dr. White performed his 3,000th arthroscopic labral reconstruction. This is an incredible milestone and highlights his dedication to hip arthroscopy and specifically labral reconstruction. This is a very powerful procedure that helps patients of all ages (14-60+). His achievement highlights his dedication to his patients and the strength of his team who share his commitment to the highest form of patient care. 3,000 is an incredible number and puts him well beyond anyone in the world with regard to his experience with this procedure. Labral reconstruction is a very complex operation and must be performed perfectly. Dr. White performs roughly 430 labral reconstructions per year. Simply put experience matters: Dr. White is the right choice for your hip.

News Archive

Published Studies

Severe Pincer Study:

Do you have a very deep Cup or Acetabulum? This study focuses on my technique for Severe Pincer Type FAI with significant reduction of the over-coverage and Labral Reconstruction. This technique was 98% successful for this very challenging deformity.

Published Study: Severe Pincer Study

Expanding Evidence: 2022 Labral Reconstruction Review:

I was asked to write another review paper in 2022 as evidence in support of Labral Reconstruction has expanded significantly in the last 10 years.

Published Study: Expanding Evidence: 2022 Labral Reconstruction Review

Over 40 study:

Are you over 40 years old? This paper directly compares Labral Reconstruction to Labral Repair in over 300 patients. Labral Repairs failed almost 3 ½ times more than the Labral Reconstructions. This paper proves that Labral Reconstruction is the best surgery in this age group.

Published Study: Over 40 study

Bilateral Study:

This is a clean comparison study of 29 patients that I performed a Labral Repair on one side and a Labral Reconstruction on their other hip. None of the Reconstructions failed and 31% of the Labral Repairs required another surgery. This proves Labral Reconstruction in my hands is simply a better operation.

Published Study: Bilateral Study

1st Labral Reconstruction Study:

This was my first paper on Allograft Labral Reconstruction of the hip and the first to describe my “Front to Back” technique. It also validated the use of donor tissue for the graft.

Published Study: 1st Labral Reconstruction Study

Decade Review Study:

I was asked to write this review paper in 2020 to summarize my experience with allograft labral reconstruction of the hip and also to describe the technical evolution of my technique with this operation from 2010 to 2020.

Published Study: Decade Review Study

Hip labral reconstruction:

Most debates on this issue in which I have participated have focused on labral reconstruction vs. repair or debridement. Therefore, I see this opportunity to discuss the advantages of complete labral reconstruction vs. segmental grafting as a sign of progress.

Published Study: Hip labral reconstruction

Revision Study:

This paper proved that Labral Reconstruction is the best surgery for people who have had a previous hip arthroscopy that did not work.

Published Study: Revision Study

Review Paper-when to perform and how:

This is a paper that I was asked to write several years ago to summarize my experience and the literature support at that time for labral reconstruction.

Published Study: Review Paper-when to perform and how

Original Labral Reconstruction Technique Description:

This is my original description of my “Front to Back” allograft labral reconstruction technique.

Published Study: Original Labral Reconstruction Technique Description

“Dear Dr. White, you could have done many things with your one precious life. Thank you for becoming an orthopedic surgeon. Thank you for innovating new techniques and for bringing your perfection to each patient you treat. Thank you for all you have put in and continue to put in on behalf of patients like me. I have a new future ahead of me thanks to you. I'm so grateful.“