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Ganz Osteotomy

What is a Ganz Osteotomy?

The Ganz osteotomy is a treatment for acetabular dysplasia or a shallow cup. It is a specific type of Periacetabular Osteotomy or PAO where the cup is cut free from the pelvis and is moved to a more optimal position. When this operation is combined with a labral reconstruction, the hip feels more stable and comfortable. It also extends the durability and longevity of the hip joint. This combined operation is performed in two parts. In the first, I will reshape your ball and perform the labral reconstruction. The second part is the Ganz osteotomy. It takes place a week or so later and is performed by Dr. Presley Swann. This is a unique service, in that each of us does what we do best. When your Ganz is performed, I then help Dr. Swann with the repositioning of the cup and its fixation.

I perform 100% of your surgery and do not train fellows or residents. I take the responsibility you have entrusted me with very seriously and put everything that I have into your operation.

General Post-Op Instructions

Rehabilitation following surgery, in many instances, is as important as the surgery itself.  It requires a commitment from the patient to make it a part of their daily routine.  I believe that physical therapists and athletic trainers have an integral role in guiding and assisting patients through this process.  I will work with both you and your therapist to ensure that your rehabilitation is appropriate and that you are progressing and improving, as you should.

Orthopaedic rehabilitation is always tailored to the individual patient’s goals and is affected by the type of surgery that was performed and intra-operative findings.  The total duration for therapy and progression to return to full activity is always individualized.  Please see these links for more information on therapy guidelines for specific surgeries.
A group of gymnast standing on pedestal's to receive medals.

“I am a 15 year old gymnast. When I found out I needed surgery all I could think about was recovering and going back to the sport I love. Because I had an amazing surgeon and therapist I was able to go back. I am now fully recovered and back to gymnastics. Dr. White took amazing care of me and I am so thankful he was my doctor. Thanks Dr. White!”